My faith, my talent and my drive make me an excellent addition to any team. Thank you for taking a closer look.

My passion is helping people through makeup, hair and beauty.

Work notes:

I have been working at Cheveux Salon in Winston-Salem for two years — while I was still in high school. I have officially served as a receptionist and beauty consultant . . . but in reality, I have worked in all aspects of the business — from sweeping the floors to recommending hair styles and colors to clients. It is a job I love; and I strongly wish to continue my education and experience in this field.

Personal notes:

I am an active, outdoor person with experience in snowboarding, surfing, skateboarding, archery and have achieved a black belt in Krav-Maga and Karate. I also teach self-defense to women and minorities around the world and through a system my father established.

Final notes:

I am a people person, a hard worker, a team player and a dedicated employee. Adding me to your team would be an excellent decision for both of us..