When you sit in my chair I want you to know that whoever you are is perfect.
Who you are matters.
What you do, love, and how you feel matters.
What you want and say matters.
The way you express your beauty matters.

I want to sculpt and paint your hair and skin in such a way that draws attention to the beauty that is already there.

When you see your reflection in the mirror I want you to know that you are beautiful, loved, heard and cared for just the way you are.

I want to create an individual look that works with your specific lifestyle, tastes and needs.

I want to pair you with haircare and makeup that enliven your at home experience. While giving you knowledge to recreate your in salon look as quickly and easily as possible.

Fun Facts:
Graduate of Leon’s Cosmetology 2000
Joined the Cheveux Salon Team 2001
LOVE my salon family!!
Always keeping things fresh with various hands on continuing ed courses (Paul Mitchell is one of my favs) as well as finding inspiration in any way the Universe gives it to me.

I’m always evolving with the times and creating new looks to suit the personal needs and desires of my guest’s.

I have a 10 year old son whom I ADORE! Being a mother is the sweetest gift I’ve known. Parenting is such an art!

I have fun wherever and whenever! REALLY!! It’s not a cliche, brace yourself!!

Connection and communication are deeply important to me!

I’m in a transformational community involving life coaching that truly ignites my passions and my ability to assist others in doing the same.

“These are a few of my favorite things”

Animals (I’ve become a CAT person, oh my)
Delicious food and drinks
Weight Lifting
Great TV/Films
People, and what makes them tick?!?!
Road trips
New Cultures
Paradigm Shifts
Laughing Til I think I may Die!!!!……. Or Pee!!!
Scalp Massages
Running Hands in Hair
Sassy Banter
Long Hugs